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Photo Right
Puerto Angel, Oaxaca Mexico in July 2000 on the Integrated Arts Course to Mexico. The students were being transported to the nearest town of Pochutla to find a bank machine.




   integrated arts course


The University of Calgary Faculty of Fine Arts Drama Department, Credit Travel Study, and IPC -formerly Intercultural Performance Contact Inc. offered Integrated Arts for Credit coures in Mexico :

Instructor: Georgette Paré
Credit: One Full Credit
Pre-Requisite: Drama 360 and Consent of the Dept.

Program Description
Participants in the Integrated Arts to Mexico program had the opportunity to work with artists in drama, dance, storytelling, visual arts and music in both Southern Alberta and Mexico. The course began with a 5 day orientation and cultural investigation based at the University of Calgary and the surrounding area. During a 19 day tour of Mexico, participants explored interculturism in theatre, dance, and visual arts of colonial and pre-Hispanic communities, including the impact of Spanish, African and American cultures. Opportunities for cultural exchange and collaboration between Canadian and Mexican artists are central to this experience.

Student stories and testimonials of students who have attended the course.

Contact Information
For more information regarding the Integrated Arts to Mexico Credit Travel Study program, please contact Georgette Paré at georgette.pare@gmail.com and/or call 403 245 8762 or the Credit Travel Study office at crdttrvl@ucalgary.ca

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