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an introduction to   


Drama 571.12


offered in  Spring 2014

Dates in June to be confirmed (Aprox June 5-25)    MTWRF      8:45 am – noon


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ABOUT BUTOH……Tatsumi Hijikata (1928- 1986) and Kazuo Ohno (born in 1906) were the pioneers of Butoh - dance of darkness  in the 1950s. Societal consequences of the Second World War influenced an impetus for this dance form. Hijikata once described the dance as a personal and internal search for the ‘body that has not been robbed’.


Although Butoh originated in Japan, it quickly moved ‘off the island’ and has been widely studied and danced around the earth.


Some international butoh artists/centres you might like to google or youtube:


Yoshito Ouno – Japanese son of Kazuo Ohno founder

Taketeru Kudo – Japanese

Pina Bausch - German (married butoh with ballet)

Eseohe Arhebamen also known as Edoheart - African   (Fire 1, 2, 3)

Imre Thorman – Swiss

Sankai Juku - Japanese

Taketeru Kudo – Japanese

Yuko Kaseki – Japanese living in Berlin

Jočo Roberto de Souza – Brazil

Rhea Volij – Argentina

Butoh Channel – Russia

Cave Studios- Brooklyn