IPC is holding its second Cell Phone Film Fest. June 22, 2014

For more information contact georgette. pare@gmail.com

What is IPC? IPC stands for Intercultural Performance Contact, a wee company that Georgette Paré started in the 90s. IPC looks for unique projects to bring people together through artistic expressions.

What is a cell phone? A cell phone is like a camera/video recorder that takes and makes calls.

This is the deal:

Choose a category(s) for your debut submission:

1) Best Family Entertainment
2) Best Awkward
3) Best Under 3 Seconds
4) Best Aesthetically Pleasing
5) Best Propaganda

1) no nudity  - this is a family event
2) no editing whatsoever, you may rehearse and re-take your video as many times as you like, but NO dubbing or editing.

3) The video must come straight off your cell phone on the Premier Video Viewings and Awards Gala Night
4) you must be present to show your video at the gala event
5) you are responsible for any cables or email/text capacities to upload your video to the available MacBook Pro
6) all videos must be less than 3 minutes long.

Please contact georgette.pare@gmail.com for your registration form.

Cash prizes (one per category) will be awarded on at the Premier Video Viewings and Awards Gala Night. The prizes will come from a split of the Registration donations.
The more registrations - the more money to win - to a max of 15 submissions.

Please direct any questions regarding this event to Georgette by replying to this email or giving her a call at 403 708 2141.